R&D Program Overview

Research&Development R&D Program Overview

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R&D Program Overview




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ToolGen is running platform programs, therapeutic programs and greenbio programs in overview under three different core R&D sections.

With the platform programs, we are continuing to strengthen our core expertise in genome editing and also advancing CRISPR as a therapeutic tool for human diseases. Platform team is developing the best-in-class CRISPR tool with higher efficiency and specificity which can be utilized in therapeutic genome editing. We believe that this can be a valuable resource to build our competitiveness in therapeutic genome editing.

In conjunction with improved CRISPR tool, Therapeutic ex-vivo team seeks to develop genome edited cell therapy products in the field of programmed immune cells called CAR-T. Therapeutic In-vivo team aims to develop CRISPR-mediated gene therapy which involves direct delivery of CRISPR to our body including eye, liver and nerve.

Greenbio team is developing plants, animals with improved phenotypes and trying to develop plant based therapeutic protein production platform.

R&D teams share common vision and mission which is to translate ToolGen’s superior genome editing technology into valuable products in market for the healthier and wealthier life through Innovate Genome.

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