gRNA/Cas9 purified (Active RGENs,aRGEN)

CRISPR/Cas9 Services gRNA/Cas9 purified (Active RGENs,aRGEN)


gRNA/Cas9 purified (Active RGENs,aRGEN)

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gRNA/Cas9 purified (Active RGENs,aRGEN)

ToolGen’s CRISPR sgRNA service provides ready-to-use reagents for genome engineering experiments.
When combined with appropriate supporting products (Cas9 mRNA or recombinant Cas9 protein), sgRNAs will form ready-for-action engineered nucleases for your target sequence, both in vitro and in vivo. The service provides a highly efficient and specific way to apply genome editing in your target cells. The reagents can be injected into one-cell embryos without additional processing.

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Ordering Information

Cat No# TGEN_aRS1
– Product : aRGEN(sgRNA. 50ug) +pRGEN-Cas9-CMV/T7 (5ug)
– Service Period : 2~3 week
– Warranty period : 4 month
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* All Toolgen Inc. products are to be used for Research Purposes (Research use license)

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