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Corporate filings

Corporate filings




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번호 시간 제목 제출의무자
10 2021-03-31 Outcome of Annual Shareholders` Meeting ToolGen Incorporated
9 2021-03-23 Submission of Audit Report ToolGen Incorporated
8 2021-03-16 Reporting reasons for holding general shareholders' meeting on the most concentrated date ToolGen Incorporated
7 2021-03-16 Decision on Calling Shareholders` Meeting ToolGen Incorporated
6 2021-01-28 Organization of Investor Relations Event ToolGen Incorporated
5 2021-01-28 Obtainment of Patent(Voluntary Disclosure) ToolGen Incorporated
4 2021-01-27 Additional Listing(주식매수선택권행사) ToolGen Incorporated
3 2021-01-04 [Investment Caution]small number of branches being focused on ToolGen Incorporated
2 2020-12-29 Additional Listing(제3자배정 유상증자) ToolGen Incorporated
1 2020-12-21 Results of issuance(Voluntary Disclosure) ToolGen Incorporated

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